Stand Your Ground Lotta Rosie

Claramand Master Of Dreams x Onna Van De Dollardhoeve




Dob: 21-10-2012

Color: Liver and Tan


FN: Normal/Clear by parents

PRA:  Clear/normal

Eyes: Ecvo clear


Zyrah is one of the two puppies we have kept from Yilla's litter. She is a very loyal dog and always happy. She enjoys her peace and prefer doing as little as possible. Zyrah is active in obedience, we are currently training for our certification. Later we will do contests,Zyrah learns everything with ease, training with her is a pure delight! Her learning knows no boundaries and we enjoy every moment of it. Her sense of smell works sublime, track search for rabbits is one of her hobbies. She is very sensitive in nature and prefer to cuddle with everyone. She is such a sweetheart.Her gentle nature is really amazing to watch. She is kind to everyone, truly a blessed dog to be proud of. Her interaction with other dogs is always calm and submissive. I enjoy every day with this great cocker. Zyrah has a bit of every adult cocker in the house. A great combination, I am very proud of my lazy girl. For each training again she proves her skills. An excellent dog for obedience. My Zyrah, my pride