Bronxton Kryptonite

Braveangels Faireplay X Bronxton Faithley



Dob: 26-06-2011

Colour: Black brindle


ED: clear

PL: clear

L2-HGA: clear by parents

HC: Clear by parents



Grade 2 Agility



Zulay is the calmest dog of our pack, never too busy and energetic. Soon it was clear that she was very sensitive, with a very soft approach we started her training. Her interaction with other dogs was not always good, as if she understood nothing of the dog language. With patience and tranquility in the training she became an exemplary dog. I had no expectations with her, I could hardly form a bond with her. Chris began to train with Zulay they were a real team. When we started with agility soon became clear that Zulay needed more time. She was uncertain and had to learn everything step by step to build her confidence. Chris continued to work on this and did not give up. Chris and Zulay have repeatedly won in competition. We are very proud of Zulay. Perseverance pays off!

















 Zulay and Chris made it all the way...

From a uncertain shy dog

to a succesfull agilitydog.

Not the fastest dog there is...

but she is very steady in her runs!

In only 9 competitiondays

they got all the signatures

 needed for grade 2 !

That same year also selected for

Belgian Championship 2014 

and by this the first 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier in belgian history

to enter the championships.



Selected for Belgian Championships 2014,2015 and 2016...

She never had a litter,god was not on our side...

Zulay was sterilized end of 2016 after a severe pyometra.

She was and forever will be Chris's favorite dog

Together they will continue agility and have fun for 10