Onna Van De Dollardhoeve

Quintos Vom Odenwald x Gennin's Nugget Of Chocolate




Dob: 29-11-2008

Color: Liver

HD: A2

FN: Normal/Clear

PRA: Carrier

Eyes: clear ECVO






Yilla came into my life after a very long time on the waiting list. To this day I still have no regrets waiting so long. A few days after returning home with my chocolate girl, I saw that she was very active. Constantly wagging and running around the house, there was no stopping that little thing. Like she had no brakes ... She bumped against something regularly, during her uncontrolled sprint through the house. Yilla was a handful, but super sweet and great to train. I always had her full attention, every time it was pure pleasure to learn something new. Yilla did everything like she did for years. I am very satisfied with her work ability, her gentle nature and perseverance. She's not a dog to sleep all day, she want nice things to do. She loves a tennis ball all day if possible. Learning tricks, walking around with her rag, chasing the birds from the garden, her tail never stops wagging . Whatever she does, Yilla does everything with style. Her unstoppable wagging tail made even that she had an injury to her tail. After 9 long months with an insulating sleeve around her tail it was finally healed. But Yilla's still wagging her crazy tail, laughing like a gremlim. Stealing  things from the kitchenboard, she jumps on without difficulty. She does everything for a treat. Her free-spirit gave our stafford puppy more confidence, together they are ready for any adventure..  She enchanted me with her hazel brown eyes, my special little girl. Sneezing when she is excited, shaking her hole body as she comes to you. Always happy and wagging. My special little baby ... My one of a kind! Best friends forever my sweet girl ....