All our dogs are members of the family. They live with us, not outside in a kennel. They live and sleep with me, enjoying all the attention and get a good workout. A dog needs exercise and mental challenge to have a happy life. Agility and obedience are our hobbies. But frisbee, track mill, flirt pole ... are things that please our dogs. They love it and we enjoy their pleasures. They keep me moving and make sure that I keep going.

I take my job as a breeder very seriously. The socialization period is the most important period in the life of a dog. Once the pups can walk we take the box away. So they can see from the puppy pen what is happening in the living room. So they start to discover very quickly. Several times a day they are allowed to roam loose in the house and experiencing new things. After the 1st puppy shots they can explore the outside world in the doggyride. We take the bus or stop by the bakery. The doggyride proved a great success, the puppies enjoy the trips and so do i !

Time flies when you're having fun. 8weeks soon be over. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. But our puppies are ready for their new life with their owners. For us a very difficult moment, my children leave home. Tears flow and I hug them one last time before they leave. We always give a gift along when they leave

And I'm waiting for news when they come home.

Who gets the honor to buy a puppy from us, is a family member for life ! Day and night I stand ready with advice and help in everything you can think of.

We love all our Stand Your Ground families