Rik & Willy's We Found Love

Rik and Willy's Georgeous George  X  Quinlent Cruel Mistress

Dob: 16/07/2013
Color: Fawn
L2hga: clear by parents

HC: clear by parents


ED: 0

SD: 0

Patella Luxation 0

Grade 1 Agility

39.1 cm

14.9 kg


Where do we start? Silly was a great puppy, so sweet and well-behaved.

Not like Crazy, who needed tranquilizers to be quiet in the house..

Our 2nd Dutch lady, our long awaited new acquisition. Our blessed pup, no fuss ..

Just a sweet little girl. But not for long ...

Silly was four and a half months old when she took her first live prey.

A huge and fat ugly rat that was almost as big as her.

I was shocked and immediately became nauseous.

I loathe everything that has to do with death, some call it necro phobia.

I would rather not think of it haha. So i locked the door until Chris came home lol.

She was an exemplary puppy in our house, so good, so normal ...

Until we wanted to practice obedience at the club.

Then she gave you a fat middle finger, she was a stubborn little bitch in the making.

The only thing she did like was returning to the place.

A quit difficult exercise with several steps.

Silly controlled the entire exercise after 2 days training at the club.

Why do it easy when you can do it very difficult?

Silly suffered from pre-puberty.

Then obviously suffered from puberty. for a while.

And haha yes, then the post puberty came.

Three times the fun they say....

Chris's hair began to fall out,what a stressy dog she was.

But at home she was an exemplary dog without stubbornness.

I never had any problems with her,she is just amazing in the pack.

When we started agility, she did not feel like it.

So we waited and started with frisbee instead,she loved it.

A few months after we started agility again.

Everything went well from the 1st time, Silly got it right away.

Without any problems, Chris began to train her.

Contact,tight turns... All you want !

When she was almost ready to do competitions, she came in heat.

Everything she learned, was gone. What's that? A jump? LOL

Little dazed by the hormones? No idea.

Now she flies like a crazy horse on the course,.

So fast that you barely can keep up with her.

Silly our raging roadrunner. Without thinking, full speed ahead.

Until we get home, it is again the quietest dog of the pack. The sleepyhead without energy.

Silly girl, you're weird! You're so sweet, but crazy ...

End of 2015 she got her 1st litter. A huge litter of nine very thick puppies.

Silly had milk in abundance and her puppies were getting fatter and fatter.

She was an exemplary mother, very caring and vigilant.

From one extreme into the other. That is our Silly.

Our insane dutch lady, crazy and amazing.