Stand Your Ground Nothing Else Matters

Quinlent Strongbow x Rik & Willy's Love Handle

Dob: 15/09/2014

Color: White


ED: 0

SD: 0

PL: 0

L2hga: clear by parents

HC: clear by parents

Grade 2 Agility

Name: Sax

41.7 cm




Sax is a son of the only litter of my dearest Crazy. He left for his host family on 7 weeks. A few years later he came back to us. Because of the incompetence of his host family. He continued to live with us, he attached himself to Chris very quickly. It is his shadow. Despite that incident, he is a very pleasant and sweet dog. He is very stable in his head, no attention at all for other dogs. Sax has been able to adapt perfectly in the pack, allows the bitches to do their thing and doesn't worry about anything. He doesn't even make a sound when the bitches are in heat. Unfortunately for the lies, the truth always comes after ... After some adjustment, Chris and Sax start to become a real agility team. All credit to Sax again! He does everything for Chris. They regularly run the fastest times on the course. And he recently achieved his 1st point for grade 3. I notice many characteristics in the character of his offspring, which Sax got from his mother Crazy. We are more than happy that he is back in our lives. Back where he belongs. It is a great dog with an excellent character. An excellent endurance and stamina. A dog that is definitely worth a total package.