Ryana Vom Odenwald

Claramand Master Of Dreams  X Zarina Vom Odenwald

Dob: 13-06-2012

Color: Liver and Tan

HD: A1

FN: Clear by parents

PRA: Clear by parents

Eyes: Ecvo clear

Nickname :Ryana

Austrian Champion

Luxembourg Youth Champion

Austrian youth champion

Ryana came into our lives in July 2016. I am Yvonne Heinze eternally grateful for this opportunity and all the help and support in my breeding program from the very first steps i made. . Without her I would not be this far with my breeding. Ryana is a dream come true. I wanted her when she was born but Yvonne kept her offcourse and you can see why,she is a perfect liver and tan girl. I could not let this last chance go, so I grabbed it with both hands and full of wonder. So glad I had not been there for years. With my two beautiful daughters of Dreamy , Ryana is the perfect addition to our family. She is a big value to our plans and together with Zyrah and Lola what we want for the future. of our kennel. The three beautiful daughters of Dreamy make my life complete and gives me very good hope for the things to come.