Dailo's Flapjack X Virzula Ermesinde

DOB; 29/01/2013

Colour: Brindle

L2hga: clear by partens

HC: clear by partens


ED: 0


Patella Luxation 0

38.1 cm

16.3 kg

Posh had a terrible start in life. From one bad boss to another.

All with the most bad intentions. She was 18 months old when we took her in our home, we were her 4th boss. She suffered so much at such a young age. Scandalous it was !!! And those people dare to call themselves breeders.

Posh had problems with living in a pack that was quickly noticeable. She was scared of sudden movements, clearly a sign of abuse. From day one with us, everything was difficult.

She broke out of her indoor kennel and got in a fight with youngster Freaky.

That did not work out well for Posh, she lost half of her ear and gained a few scars.

We had our hands full with the other dogs and their training and Posh also needed to lose some energy... Because we believe that all dogs are entitled to daily activity and exercise, we went looking for a handler for Posh. And what a great handler we found!

It was love at first sight. Emilie was instantly in love with Posh. Posh trusted her from the 1st second, we made the right choice.

An unbreakable bond was forged. A team was born ...

A few months later, Posh was a member of the family in her new home.

Yes, at Emilie's.  Living the good life on the sofa. Posh is the queen of the house.

Posh became a very gentle nature, her poor start in life is long forgotten.

With love and attention you can achieve anything you want.

Posh is a success story. We are proud of her and Emilie, for all the hard work.

Meanwhile, we are already two years later. And Posh? She's excellent! She is unique !

She continues to amaze us and everyone enjoys her warm presence.


There are no bad dogs ...

Only very bad owners or breeders !!!


The capacity to learn is a gift ...



                The ablity to learn is a skill ...



                         The willingness to learn is a choice ...