Agility came into my life in 2005,

I started with Gigi and later I started with the other cockers.

2011 was the start for our staffords,what a fun time that was.

Since then, this is our passion. Our way of life.

2 to 3 times a week we train agility. Situations or full courses. Almost every week we do agility competitions.

We always have fun, that's the main goal. 

In 2013 we started teaching at our club.

After obtaining our license agility instructor.

Every week, we stand ready to assist people in the practice of this great sport.


Also obedience is one of our hobbies.

We train every week,

 lots of rewards and minimize corrections.

With this we get the best results without pressure.

I also teach the youngest puppies at the club.


with this I can completely let myself go

with the socialization period

and I enjoy every second of it !