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Dob: 03-12-2015

Color: Red and White


L2-HGC: Clear by parents

HC: Clear by parents

Patella Luxation: 0

37.8 cm

12.5 kg

Icky is the kind of dog with an irresistible attraction that nobody can resist.

From a litter of nine, she was the boldest, loudest and most certainly the most dominant of all.

Certainly not the prettiest, but her character is invaluable for what i want in a good working dog.

On that basis I made my choice,even though Chris had a different opinion about it as he preferred to keep another puppy from that litter. 

I remember a night that Chris was snoring on the couch, icky crept quietly up to him

and bit him in the nose. So confident for a puppy of 5 weeks old.

Just great! She has a typical terrier character and not always agree with every order that comes.

We soon realized that she could run very fast, also she is very agile.

Like her mother, with only one speed. Full throttle!

Icky enjoys shaping and can continue for hours.

Food rewards are her greatest motivation to keep on going.

She likes a good game of tug in combination with letting go and reattaching the toy.

A very educational and fun way to practice focus and control.

Like all our dogs,she lets go a toy with one simple command.

That self-control was hopefully the foundation for good training in agility.

That's the thought of it lol, in practice it went in a completely different way.

She does not see the point of repeating something in agility, so it should be good from the first time.

Otherwise it will have to wait until the next training.

The only thing she will repeat over and over are the contacts,thx to all the shaping sessons!

We do everything at a slow pace and enjoy every training.

There is no hurry at all and we will see when she is ready for it.

It's my hobby and I do not force her to love it too.

For the time being everything remains a game.

Making fun with each other is more important than having a second dog for competitions.