Belgian Junior Champion 2019
Stand Your Ground Quit Screwing Around

Rimorostaffs Star Of November X Rik and Willy's We Found Love

DOB: 15/11/2017

Red fawn

L2hga: Clear by parents

HC: Clear by parents

Patella Luxation: 0


ED: 0

SD: 0

PHPV Clear


With my absolute preference for bitches to work with, I never wanted a dog.

Fritz stole my heart when he was a few weeks old.

No idea how it happened, but it happened.

Fritz has been irresistible since he was a small puppy.

His charms work with everyone. Fritz is a very sweet and sensitive male.

He is 1 big teddy bear who prefers to lie on your lap.

He jumps on top of you with a clumsy and thoughtless speed.

As if he is a very small puppy. A puppy with 20 kg of horsepower.

He soon knew the basics of shaping. After 2 sessions he was able to bark by order.

It took him a month and a half to understand that he shouldn't bark all day.

Training with him was always great, everything went smoothly.

Our classes in shaping and afterwards pre agility were so fun to do.

Fritz likes to be in the spotlights, his moment to shine.

He is a very easy dog to train as long as he is in the spotlight.

He does everything for a reward. Such a great will to please, really great to work with him.

We are currently training for hoopers. That goes very well.

Time and again I am surprised how fast he goes and how fast he can run.

We have just started agility, this is not going as smoothly as we had expected.

He cannot yet distinguish between the 2 sports and thinks jumps are fences.

As soon as he can make the link it will improve, I see improvement with every training.

Fritz also achieved good results on show with his handler and best friend.

A friendship that I can't intervene as an owner.

They complement each other and give confirmation if they are working properly in the ring.

What a team! We are very proud of them.

Fritz will steal your heart!

You can follow Fritz on his personal page on Facebook.




Int Dogshow Golden Trophy Liege 22/07/18


1 VP Best Puppy


Int Dogshow Moldernete Lommel 03/06/18


 1 VP Best Puppy


Int Dogshow LKV Genk 30/06/18


 1 VP Best Puppy



Int Dogshow Wieze 19/05/18


 1 VP Best Puppy


Int Dogshow HKV Genk 03/03/18


2 VP Minor Puppy