Stand Your Ground No More Drama

Quinlent Strongbow  X  Rik and Willy's Love Handle

DOB: 15/09/2014

Colour:  Red and White

L2hga: Clear by parents

HC: Clear by parents


ED: 0

SD: 0

Patella Luxation: 0

Grade 2 Agility

Agility test: 26/2/2016 @ Sloeber

40.9 cm

16.8 kg


you don't get the dog you want you get the dog you need "


Our 1st litter, we could not make a choice....

Freaky and Floki continued to live with us.

Together, they were a handful of problems with shark teeth lol.

Double the fun, but also double the headaches for myself and Chris.

Together, they were strong. Freaky trusted her brother,

without him she was not so confident in life.

We started with clicker training, shaping in general.

Her confidence grew by the day.

So nice to see her grow into a confident dog without fear,

even without her brother.


In a few months I had a girl without fears.

Always asking for attention and ready to go to work.

But beautiful songs do not last long ...

Floki died of poisoning when he was 10 months old.

Freaky lost her brother, her support.

She was depressed and despondent. Nothing could make her happy.

With the help of Bach Flower Essences

and other homeopathic she regained meaning in life.

Even though it was with a lot of ups and downs.

Eventually we managed to do agility, all at her own pace.

Freaky grew slowly but surely into the crazy, vivid sweet girl she was.

Just like her dear mother crazy.

Freaky is a very sociable and sensitive dog.

She is very accommodating with other dogs

and never imposes itself to others.

Makes no problems and would rather run away from a dog.

A typical for the breed? Yes!  I agree

But for us a great feature that we want to keep in our lines.

Her first signature in agility and a 1st place.

Coming together is a Beginning.....









                           Keeping together is a Progress.....












                                                                Working together is a Succes.....