Words are still to hard to speak,my heart is still broken by your loss. I still cry for you,day by day. I just cant find peace without you my sweet boy. You were a wonderful little lad , always happy and social to all god's creatures. We had so many plans,you and i ! To young to leave our home, yet forever in my heart. Take care of your little sister now, one day we will meet again. I love you <3


You were my best friend, you taught me a lot about dogs and their behavior. . You were not always kind to others. But to me you were the best! Rest in peace my good friend.


A big friendly giant, gentle and sweet. Many were afraid of you, because of your looks and stories about the breed. You were such a sweet dog. Your boss Chris will never forget you because you were his everything, his support in lesser days. Farewell good friend ...

Sweet little girl, you had such a fighting spirit. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done. Rest in peace little girl.