Rik and Willy's Love Handle

Quinlent Connemara X Hot King Staff French Kiss

Dob: 05-04-2012

Color: White


ED: 0

PL: 0

L2-HGC: Clear by parents

HC: Clear by parents

39.8 cm

16.5 kg


Crazy is a real rebel, full of energy and vibrancy. My little thunder, she learns so fast. I'm super happy with her development. As a fanatic, she began her agility career. Learning the weave went very smoothly, after 2weeks she could without help. In total, we trained 2months before she was ready for certification. Her speed is incredibly, she just needs to be more cautious. Obedience was also great. Learning new things is obvious, nothing is too hard for Crazy. She can not give up, she keeps going. I'm so proud of her. Really a great dog. I thank her breeder for the confidence, I could not find a better dog than Crazy. Her character fits me perfectly. She is very persistent and never gives up. She is everyone's friend and can play with all dogs. She enjoys her boss and I enjoy it. Crazy is my dream come true. After all these years I finally have my crazy dog full of life and fun for everyone that comes in her life. Crazy will love you from the first sight.

She enjoys all the attention, enjoy's every hug and give small kisses like it's her job. Crazy makes your day, no matter how bad that was. As a young adolescent Crazy was an exemplary helper in the care of the puppies. She kept them as if they were her own pups. When she got her own litter she was the best mother we ever had. And again a great mother to all pups born in the kennel. She loves to care for all and thinks it's her job to clean them at night. Actually she is a softy, never angry or offended. Always happy and ready to play. My little girl, so driven to work. Sometimes a purple face from the excitement. And then we have to take a time out before we go back hard on training. I enjoy every moment of her, my white devil. So fast and agile.

Usain Bolt, you could not keep up with my girl...

This is crazy, my rocket star ! Great moments await us, I can hardly wait.

Crazy, my dearest. You're awesome!
















   Once in a lifetime ...





               you meet a dog . . .





                                          That changes. . .