I grew up with my grandparents, a fun time where I got my love for dogs.

Grandpa had a Malinois, that was my best friend.  

This breed will have a special place in my heart forever.

Who knows what the future holds ...

My 1st cocker came after the loss of our cavalier.

My grandparents thought it was not a good idea

to buy a staffordshire bull terrier considering I was still quite young.

Chubbie was an orange white male

throughout my childhood and adolescence he was my everything.

Everywhere I went he was there, always and everywhere.

He was my mentor and foundation for the future.

Only I just did not know that at this time.

The love for the breed started with him.

He was not always kind to others, but to me he was a hero.

Years followed and there were more cockers in my life.

Usually rescued from a shelter.

I learned to work with dogs, began to re-educate them

and gave them a forever loving home.

With the help of some friends I learned even more

how to work with dogs properly.

This is a non-stop learning process that we continue to work daily. 

In 2010, Chris came in my life.

His passion for powerbreeds sparked

my love for the staffordshire bull terrier again.

After some research Zulay came into our lives.

Not long afterward Crazy came into my life. Yes, my life !

We started out giving lessons at the dogschool in obedience and agility.  

At the same time we began to follow lessons to become certified  agility instructors.

Since 2012 we are licensed instructors agility by the belgium kennelclub.

Our hobby became a passion, a way of life.

We stand ready to assist anyone with education, training or re-education of the dog.

Or just pure agility fun. We live for our dogs.

Walking in the woods and fields, bike ride with the dogs.

Or just running behind the lure.

Chasing a frisbee in the garden

As long as we can do fun things together.

Together, as a team!

With our current dogs we have a strong base for the future.

 They live in the house as full members of the family. 

They even sleep in our bed.

To me they are my children.

And I just want the best for them.

Behind our house is a large garden of 15 are for the dogs.

Where they can chase rabbits and birds or just enjoy the good weather.